Our Chef

Our Chef

Nicolas Gomez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, son of Argentineans with Italian, Spanish and German descendants. In his family, celebrations were always an excuse to get together and cook their specialties; Chef Gomez's life and career were motivated by these exquisite celebrations.

At 18 years old, he decided to start his culinary studies at the Culinary School of the emblematic Argentinean Chef Gato Dumas. While studying he did several practices at different renowned restaurants and worked at the TV channel, El Gourmet for the Cycle of Great Chefs.

He continued with his culinary studies in the Ambrosía Culinary Center, Mexico, to diversify his knowledge with one of the most unique and autochthonous cuisine. During his stay in Mexico, he had the opportunity to work at the well-known MP Bistro with Mexican Chef Monica Patiño and Chef Ricardo Osuna.

In Argentina, he worked at Chandon Bar & Restaurant, where he met Sebastian Guevara and Leonardo Suckewer, who greatly influenced his career. However, the chef that mostly influenced his career was Mr. Dario Gualtieri, the coach of the Argentina Culinary Team who won three "gorro de oro" and participated twice at the Bocuse D' Or.

He started to worked with Gualtieri at the Emporio Armani Caffe as a chef de cuisine. As part of Gualtieri's culinary team, he also worked at the Esturion de Montoya Hotel, Uruguay.

In 2004, he arrived to Puerto Rico as curious tourist of the Island's natural wonders. After being enchanted by Puerto Rico's culture and exotic food, he decided to stay and diversify much more his culinary knowledge. In August 2011 he started to work at Uvva Restaurant at the Hostería del Mar. Now he is entrusted to the second restaurant of Uvva's owners, O: liva at the O: live boutique hotel, where he hopes to capture high end clients with his culinary essence, taste and culture.

Image of Chef Nicolas Gomez