Nostra Storia


La Nostra Storia was born in Italy, specifically in Sorrento. Italy ignited romanticism and lead to a serious discovery of the Mediterranean life. We will always remember the place where we stopped at the edge of the cliff as we entered the Amalfi Coast, where we saw lemons of a not-so-normal size, the so-called land of the lemoncello and prosecco.

Two Puerto Ricans who enjoy traveling with only one reservation, a convertible, plus a pair of sunglasses, a GPS and the adventure switch ON is our formula to discovering the new, the old, and the unforgettable.

Our destination wedding in Sorrento turned out to be memorable and impossibly repeatable. It changed everything. Elsie Herger, “la tía”, at the rehearsal dinner on Torre Saracena-Amalfi gave a toast. And what a toast! “I want to let the family know that I want to retire and I’ve decided to give Loisse and Fernando my beloved 30-year business”… a beautiful beachfront guest house in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As a new passion for entrepreneurship was born, we emerged as hoteliers managing Hostería del Mar, our first little guest house boutique.

Spain is a very special country to Fernando because he was born in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. A little carpe diem drove us to discover one of the places that inspire O:live Boutique Hotel, a quaint town called Vejer de la Frontera in Cadiz. The place where we discovered “Nuestra Senora de la Oliva”. We stayed at the charming V Boutique Hotel, which featured inspiring photos and an impressive artifact collection, including a Moroccan suite key tassel matching the color of the tassel hanging on the door knobs of the suite, and antique pieces that you find stranded in each corner, and of course, the dessert like restaurant, El Califa. Magical!

The Mediterranean discovery was like spinning the globe and picking a spot at random. A business card of a tour guide called Mustafa drove us to meet Morocco. Mustafa made a difference; with his happy hippie town mayor attitude, he showed us the real culture of the area, the one that comes alive at midnight when tourists leave. The mint tea, the puffs, the lamps, the throws, the craftsmanship… a friend! Contrary to how we travel, we were all fully packed of items for O:live Boutique Hotel after leaving Morocco.

A few more stops on the way and Bonjour St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco. We discover the so called Côte d'Azur, the land of Provence and it’s amazing olive trees, the little artisan town of Eze and the Tiara Yaktsa Boutique Hotel.

After this trip, O:live Boutique Hotel was born, a hotel inspired by what changed and transformed our lives, the Mediterranean. O:live is how we lived and what we wanted our guests to experience while enjoying the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Behind every detail in O:live lies a story. The Boutique is divided into four areas: Morocco, Spagna, Italia, and France. Each floor showcases details that draw inspiration from each country. The artwork in the hallways is from our own private collection of photographs taken during our travels. We put together a timeless look using Old Provençal and Tuscan style furniture. All wood furniture is made with over 100 year-old restored woods, purchased from curators of the finest historical design the world has to offer.

Our collection of timeless, updated classics and reproductions are presented in sophisticated and unique lifestyle settings that we believe are on par with the standards of world-class interior designers.

As our guest, you will be part of La Vida Mediterránea, so bring your sunglasses.

You will truly experience "La Vida Mediterránea" in Puerto Rico.

Woman at hotel enterance