Appetizers   \\   Salads   \\   Main Courses

Foie Gras     $21

Organic pumpkin marmalade, raisins and almond bread with watercress


Scallop     $19

Asparagus veloutte, dry prosciutto and seared asparagus with EVOO

France and Italy

Nurcia Meatballs     $15

Stuffed with Cacciotta cheese with Truffle, Caramelized onion puree

Italy and Morocco

Galician Spanish Octopus     $18

Spanish Paprika, Butter potatoes, EVOO (Arbequina, Hojiblanca & Cuquillo) Casa Pareja, Spain

Spain and France

Crab Cakes     $17

Seared with piquillo peppers romesco sauce


"Tazón de Mariscos"     $16

Shrimp cream with mussels, clams and squids with artisan bread croutons and EVOO

France and Italy

Shrimp Cannoli     $18

Puff Pastry, asparagus with prosciutto ham and creamy shrimp sauce

Italy and Spain

Porkbelly     $16

Roasted korobuta on gorgonzola dulce risotto

Italy and Morocco

Phillo Salad     $15

Crackers with sugar and pepper with whipped goat cheese, green apples and watercress.

Spain and Italy

Spinach     $12

Blueberries, toasted almonds and crispy onions


Tomato Salad     $16

Fried tomato, fresh mozzarella and pistachio pesto

Morocco and Italy

Fish “In Season”     $32

Saffron sauce, orzo, pancetta and Sicilian caponatta

Italy and France

Salmon     $26

Over a lentil and Chorizo stew, Tomato jam, Garlic flakes EVOO Paesano Organic

Italy and Spain

Filet Mignone     $42

Gratinated with Gremolata, Provencial Potato, Goat cream

France and Italy

Duck Breast     $32

Confit potatoes, spinach and mushrooms


Linguini a la Pescatore     $32

Mussle, Shrimps, Clams, Baby Squids, King prawns

Italy and Spain

Potato Gnocci     $22

Creamy pistachio pesto, Serrano ham , Wateriness, Pecorino


Short Rib     $28

Braised with butter potatoes


Five Course Tasting     $80

Travel thru Land or Sea


Eight Course Tasting     $130

Travel thru land and sea


Braised Korubuta Ossobuco     $36

with chorizo risotto

Morocco and Italy