Appetizers   \\   Salads   \\   Main Courses

Goat Cheese Croquettes     $8

Goat cheese, scallions, piquillo peppers and quince marmalade

Shrimps     $12

With roasted garlic and local pumpkin butter risotto

Baby Squids     $13

Truffle oil, red onions, fresh parsley, garlic flakes and spicy pepper sauce

Spanish Octopus     $15

Red bliss potatoes, gremolata butter, artisan local chorizo, crispy onions and fried octopus

Pork Belly     $11

Roasted pork belly with Mediterranean rub, caramel butter sweet potatoes mash, dates marmalade and sweet potatoes paille

Farm to table soup    

Soup of the day

Duck Prosciutto     $16

Sliced duck prosciutto over brioche toast, creamy gorgonzola cheese, pear and local organic watercress

Mediterranean Salmon Tartar     $11

Fresh salmon tartar with EVOO, toasted almonds, red onions, lemon zest and grilled flatbread

Arugula Salad     $9

Fresh local arugula, fresh berries, sour local orange and goat cheese vinaigrette

Butter Lettuce Salad     $10

Butter lettuce with pumpkin seeds, crispy onions, pancetta with tomatoes and gorgonzola dressing

Campari Caprese Salad     $13

Marinated fresh mozzarella, campari tomatoes, fresh and fried basil, thyme, garlic oil and asparagus pesto

Fish “In Season”     $27

Sweet plantain panzotti stuffed with ricotta, spinach and parmesan cheese

Salmon     $24

Over a lentil and local chorizo stew, Aibonito mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and goat cheese

Filet Mignone     $42

Grilled asparagus, ancienne mustard sauce, roasted garlic and parsley butter, Portobello chips and goat cheese spinach a la cremè

Bucatini     $24

Bucatini pasta, amatriciana sauce with local rabbit stew

Saffron Risotto     $24

With seafood Spanish zarzuela

Gnocchi     $21

Local pumpkin Gnocchi, arugula, pancetta, roasted cherry tomatoes, cream and parmesan cheese

Short Ribs     $28

Braised short ribs with Provencal risotto

Five Course Tasting     $70

Travel thru Land or Sea

Eight Course Tasting     $100

Travel thru land and sea

Korubuta Shank     $35

Braised Korubuta with quince glaze and truffle mashed potatoes