O:liva Dieta Mediterranea

Inspired in the trilogy of the Mediterranean diet (bread, wine and olive oil), O:liva is mastered by the recognized chef Nicolas Gomez. The executive chef has created a menu that unites flavors, recipes and experiences from towns in the Mediterranean border such as Spain, France, Italy and Morocco. Try the exquisite Moroccan lamb accompanied with a crispy thin polenta in a Mediterranean ragout topped with an EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) from Sicily, Italy. Olive Oil, known as the nectar of the Mediterranean, plays one of the main characters in the scene together with rich traditions and diverse landscapes. O:liva is presented as an art form that, like wine, has multiple varieties, flavors and its own trade secrets. Find the best olives oils of the world, paired with exquisite dishes and experience a food traveling experience through the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Breads with oil Dinner table at olive Dinner table at olive